PhysicallyElite ripped me off too. I filed complaint with BBB

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After numerous discussions via e-mail and even on the phone, (some guy names Carl left me a phone number, that must have been a mistake), 8 months passed by and still no protein supplement that I ordered.I finally notified the Better Business Bureau, and hopefully this will put an end to this useless "company".

Go to, they are much more professional, honest, and caring. They will follow up with you and offer some excellent advise. PhysicallyElite sounds professional, and also sounds caring and reputable, but they are not. Stay away from

Trust me!!Horrible!

Physicallyelite - This is a rip off website they never deliver!

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Not resolved

Placed order with for protein supplement and the order was never received.Contacted the customer "no service" number and left a message.

No call back. Sent email. No response on first email, 2nd email a man called "Curt" emailed and promised to look into the order and contact me again within 24hrs...still no response....I'm out $190.00...he's a crook and I don't see how he sleeps at night It's actually sad because he has a great site and it's very easy to navigate and I'm sure I would have ordered from it again.

]Hope he reads this because Karma will get him eventually.

Review about: Protein Supplement. will rip you off

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I placed an order with this company ( billed my credit card.

I did not recieve my order. I left them dozens of messages on their customer service voice mail and none were returned. I also sent numerous emails, none of which were returned. The 1-800 number under their "contact us" link is disconnected.

The site looks very professional and their prices are very low, but the company is a sham. They will not ship your order, nor will they refund your money. Do not order from this company! You will not recieve your order!

Order from somewhere else.


Rushville, Missouri, United States #24613

The same thing happened to me. I initiated a chargeback with American Express for the $250 worth of product they charged me for over 3 weeks ago which I haven't received. I too tried contacting them several times, but they don't reply whatsoever. They don't even acknowledge that they recieved any of my messages.

The PhysicallyElite website is currently unavailable. It says that it's undergoing maintenance, but I think elsewise.


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